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Frontiers of Knowledge and Practice

Archive information
Location of full archive.

The full archive for this material is stored at:

TRL Ltd, Old Wokingham Road, Crowthorne, Berkshire RG45 6AU

Written application should be made to the Head of Information Centre at the above address.

The Office may be contacted by phone on 01344 770146 01344 770146 or on

Note: The archive comprises material from more than 100 contributors adding depth and background to the published volume. Many of the papers contain original material and have been prepared especially for the archive thus allowing researchers to examine the original texts from which the published volume was synthesised. In some cases the material will have been embodied in the published volume with little editorial intervention; in other cases the contributed material may have been greatly reduced and the original contribution will add significantly to the knowledge base. In all cases the original contributions are in the contributors' own words and have not been edited.

The archive also includes some of the most significant background publications.

Access to the archive is free by prior arrangement with TRL but there might be a small charge for making use of any other part of TRL's extensive historical collection or its other library and information services.

Click here to see a full list of material deposited for this chapter.