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List of material held at the Transport Research Laboratory


This archive contains background papers to Volume 2 of The Motorway Achievement: Frontiers of knowledge and practice.

The background papers to Volume 1, which deals with visualisation and policy, are located at the Institution of Civil Engineers at One Great George Street, London. The background papers to Volume 3, which deals with the construction of the motorways are located in Regional Record Offices around the country.

In this catalogue, the background papers for Volume 2 are listed by chapter and location in the archive boxes is facilitated by colour coding the wallet files in which they are stored. Provision is made for a final series of wallets to contain any additional contributions to the archive, which are always welcome and should be addressed to:

Mr R C D Baldwin
Honorary Secretary
The Motorway Archive Trust
123 Alderney Street

The majority of the papers contain original material and have been prepared especially for the archive thus allowing researchers to examine the original texts from which the published volume was synthesised. In some cases the material will have been embodied in the published volume with little editorial intervention; in other cases the contributed material may have been greatly reduced and the original contribution will add significantly to the knowledge base. In all cases the original contributions are in the contributors' own words and have not been edited in any way; the opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily endorsed by the Motorway Archive Trust and no responsibility is accepted by the Trust for the content or accuracy of contributed papers.

The archive also includes some of the most significant background publications.

Users of the archive are requested to handle all the documents with the utmost care and to return them to the archive boxes in the location from which they came. Please report any damage or disarray to a member of the library staff.

© Copyright to all the original material in this archive is reserved by the Motorway Archive Trust. Registered charity No 1078890. Reproduction in any form is not permitted without the written consent of the Motorway Archive Trust. Requests to use material from the archive should initially be addressed to the Honorary Secretary at the address shown above.


Chapter 1: The motorway programme: planning and engineering by Maurice Maggs BSc, CEng, FICE, FIHT formerly Head of Engineering Intelligence Division of the Department of Transport.

1.1 Edbrooke B F (1999). Reflections of an RCU Director with particular reference to London's orbital motorway.

1.2 Lake J R (1997). The functions of Engineering Intelligence Division.

1.3 Lake J R (1998). Reflections on the design, specification and construction of motorways.

1.4 Lake J R (1998). The road surfacing with particular reference to resistance to skidding.

1.5 Maggs M F (1999). Road programme retrospectives.

1.6 Salt J S (2000). The planning of London's south orbital motorway: M4 to Dartford.

1.7 Ministry of Transport (1951 to 1976). Editions 1 to 6 of the Specification for road and bridge works.


Chapter 2: The introduction of computers by Brian Hawker OBE, CEng, FIStructE, FRSH, MIHT formerly Head of Roads Major Projects in the Welsh Office.

2.1 Bridle R J (1962). The use made of a digital computer by the City of Cardiff with special reference to the design of prestressed concrete structures.

2.2 Bridle R J (1962). Use of computer in prestressed concrete design at Cardiff. The Surveyor.

2.3 Bridle R J (1962). Computer programming in autocode.

2.4 Craine G S (1999). Introduction of computers.

2.5 Craine G S (1999). The history and development of the MOSS system.

2.6 Flavell A J (2001). Stantec Zebra. Reprinted from the website of A J Flavell.

2.7 Friston A H (1998). Letter listing source documents.

2.8 Gallagher W E (1999). Early experience in computing with Warwickshire County.

2.9 Gibbs O M (1998). Computers M4 and other topics - a personal reminiscence.

2.10 Hawker B H (1963). Some observations on the introduction of the computer to civil engineering in local government.

2.11 Institution of Structural Engineers (1961). Automatic computation. Library list.

2.12 Lee N H (2000). Computer topics.

2.13 Municipal Engineer (1973). Computer revolution in the Engineer and Surveyors Department.

2.14 Petrie J (1999). Recollections of the early computer age.

2.15 Petrie J (1966). The use and value of computers in highway planning and design. From the Journal of the Institution of Municipal Engineers.

2.16 Pothecary C H (1999). Recollections of the early days of computers in the West Riding.

2.17 Roberts H E and J N Stothard (1968). Use of computers for road design. Proc ICE.

2.18 Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd (1960). Stantec Zebra simple code.

2.19 Hampshire County Council (1966). Index and specifications of all computer programs available to engineering staff.


Chapter 3: Route alignment and road geometry by Bill Gallagher BSc, CEng, MICE, MIHT formerly Head of Highway Computing and Director Transport in the South West Regional Office of the Department of Transport

3.1 Gallagher W E (2001). A companion to Chapter 3.

3.2 Gallagher W E (2001). List of Departmental, PTRC and other sources.

3.3 Buchan R M (1999). Topographic surveying and control.

3.4 Buchan R M (1999). Surveying and setting out in areas of mining subsidence.

3.5 Department of Transport (1984). Highway link design. Advice Note 43/84.

3.6 Gallagher W E and J E White (1969). Program for initial location of inter-urban routes.

3.7 Jefferson J R (1976). Route location with regard to environmental issues.

3.8 Maggs M F (2000). Road layout standards and their application.

3.9 Ministry of Transport (1943). Memorandum on the layout and construction of roads.

3.10 Newby P R T (1999). The contribution of the Ordnance Survey to Britain's motorways.

3.11 Surveying and highway design. Report of a discussion published in the Photogrammetric Record October 1970.


Chapter 4: Earthworks and drainage by Maurice Maggs BSc, CEng, FICE, FIHT formerly Head of Engineering Intelligence Division of the Department of Transport

4.1 Farrar D M (2000). RRL research on soils 1950 - 1969.

4.2 Lake J R (1998). A personal reflection on earthworks during the motorway period.

4.3 Lake J R (1998). A brief history of site investigations during the motorway period.

4.4 Lake J R (1998). The story of shale.

4.5 Smith R H J and C Jennings (2000). Earth structures (reinforced soil).

4.6 TRRL (1976). Road Note 35: A guide for engineers to the design of storm sewer systems.

4.7 Watkins L H (1951). Surface water drainage - a review of past research. Journal of Municipal Engineers.

4.8 Watkins L H (1963). Research on surface water drainage. Proc ICE.


Chapter 5: Structural design of pavements by John Porter MSc(Eng), CEng, FICE formerly Head of Highways Research at the Transport and Road Research Laboratory

5.1 Armstrong C F (1991). Highwayman - the autobiography of Christopher Armstrong.

5.2 Bowskill G J (1998). Providing safer road surfaces. 1998.

5.3 Brown S F and P E Pell (1998). University of Nottingham contribution to the Archive.

5.4 Colwill D M (1998). Design of flexible and concrete pavements. 1998.

5.5 Cox L J (1998). A letter identifying issues of importance in pavement design.

5.6 Croney D (1997). Letter about early motorway failures and item on the revision of Road Note 29 from Roads and Road Construction (1971).

5.7 Curtis C R (1999). A contribution from the construction materials industry.

5.8 Dussek I (1997). Memories of motorways. Plus supporting documents from his extensive personal collection including: Carriageway surfacing with the Barber-Greene spreader and finisher (1953), London-Yorkshire motorway (1959), Midland motorway inauguration (1959), Some thoughts on what we don't know about asphalt (1962), Birmingham-Preston-Lancaster motorway (1963), Development of the modern asphalt road (1963), A machine for spreading coated chippings on rolled asphalt (1963) and Highway practice in North America and Europe (1965).

5.9 Groombridge S E A (1999). A guide to historical records held at TRL.

5.10 Jones V E (1998). A short letter.

5.11 Jordan P G (2000). Pavement management.

5.12 Kelly M F (1997). A short letter.

5.13 Kennedy C K (1998). A short contribution plus brochures describing equipment for assessing the condition of pavements in service and brochures from the international conference series 'Bearing capacity of roads and airfields'.

5.14 Lake J R (1998). Design of road pavements. Plus Technical Memorandum H6/78 Road pavement design (1978).

5.15 Parker F J (1999). Consultancy practice in the mid-sixties.

5.16 Parker B L (2000). Contributions of the County Surveyors Society soils and materials Engineers.

5.17 Porter J (1999). Pavement research at TRRL 1970-1996 (with comments by Prof R J Bridle) and a note on information obtained from the Public Record Office at Kew.

5.18 Roberts P K (1998). Road Surface and Strength Testing Unit.

5.19 Russell D J (1999). Letter and copy of Interim bituminous pavement design tables (1985).

5.20 Salt G F (1998). RRL report on the surface condition of the flexible pavement on the London-Birmingham motorway May-July (1962) and The skidding resistance of roads and the requirements of modern traffic by C G Giles. Proc ICE 1957.

5.21 Sharp R (1999). Use of concrete in motorway projects.

5.22 Sherwood P (1997). Effect of frost on Preston Bypass.

5.23 Sleep R P (1998). Brief contributions commenting on pavements and wider policy and strategy - plus copy of Technical Memorandum H10/71 Amendments to the specification for road and bridge works (1969).

5.24 Smith A D W (2000). The rise and rise of the heavy goods vehicle. Plus Roads and ports - a policy survey (1980), Vehicle damage factors present past and future values (1983), Results of axles weight surveys (1983) and Whole life appraisal of road schemes (1984).

5.25 Snaith M S (1997). Letter on structural maintenance of road pavements. Plus Review of structural maintenance of motorways and all-purpose trunk roads (1986).

5.26 TRL. Key publications including three editions of Road Note 29, LR833 Prediction of pavement performance and design of overlays (1978), LR1132 The structural design of bituminous roads (1984) and RR87 Thickness design of concrete roads (1987).

5.27 Trout E E (1999). List of publications on roads and bridges compiled from the library of the British Cement and Concrete Association..

5.28 White M J (1998). Extracts from the Queens highway 1960s and early 70s, programmes from 50 years of asphalt lectures and seminars and summary of results and benefits from Asphalt and Coated Macadam Association sponsorship of research.


Chapter 6: The development of bridge design practice by Phillip Lee CBE, CEng, FICE, FIHT formerly Director South East Regional Office of the Department of Transport and Director Ove Arup and Partners

6.1 Bragg S (1974). Falsework - Interim report of the advisory committee on falsework

6.2 Bridle R J, P Lee, K Shanmugan and J Wood (1999). A short history of Bridges Engineering Division in the Chief Highway Engineers command during the motorway era.

6.3 Bridle R J, A H Friston and C Stone (1968). Bridge standardisation in Cheshire. From Journal of IHE.

6.4 British Cement Association (2001). Brochures covering the Wexham Springs laboratories and training programmes.

6.5 Jones C J F P (1999). Foundations.

6.6 John Laing R&D Ltd (1974). Tests on the proposed joint in the River Coquet prestressed concrete box girder bridge.

6.7 Mawson B (2000). A review of bridge assessments through time.

6.8 Miles J (1999). Bridge aesthetics.

6.9 Ministry of Transport (1967). Tinsley Viaduct progress photographs for December 1967.

6.10 Sir Owen Williams and Partners. London-Yorkshire motorway - Landscape (1957), paper on Ross Spur (1961), a consulting engineer's view contributed to ICE conference on motorways in Britain (1971), extract from a booklet on the Midland Links motorways (1972) and an obituary to Sir Owen (1996).

6.11 Parker F J (1999). Tunnels.

6.12 Pickett A J (2000). Highways Agency Bridge files, Highway bridge loading: summary of development 1900-1999 and Alpha-numeric index for the Design Manual for roads and bridges 2000.

6.13 Sadka B (1999). Brief note on the organisation of Chief Highway Engineers command particularly as it affected work on bridges and collection of photographs.

6.14 Somerville G (2000). Two papers: Developments in post-tensioned bridges 1950-2000 and Historical feedback from performance in surface.

6.15 Thompson W R (1959). Motorway design and construction in Worcestershire. From IHE Journal.

6.16 TRL (2000). Library database search for R J Bridle.


Chapter 7: Contracting to build the motorways by John Cox FICE, FIHT formerly Chairman Tarmac National Construction (now Carrilion Construction), Vice Chairman Tarmac International (now Carrilion Construction) and Past President of the Institution of Highway Engineers.

7.1 Blake L S (1999). Letter making brief reference to a range of topics.

7.2 Cox L J (1999). Introduction to chapter and contributors and collection of photographs.

7.3 Cox L J (1997). Britain's first motorway - the Preston Bypass. Plus supporting documents.

7.4 Cox L J (1987). Design of pavement foundations: Review of past practice and lessons from construction.

7.5 Cox L J (1982). IHT Presidential address: Engineers - a time of reckoning or have we succeeded in making the most of what we have?

7.6 Cox L J (1977). Motorway and trunk road construction in the United Kingdom.

7.7 Department of Transport (1969). Method of measurement for road and bridge works.

7.8 Department of Transport (1970). Library of standard item descriptions for the preparation of Bills of Quantities for road and bridge works.

7.9 Evans D I (1999). Letter covering Advice Note HA12/81 Management of contractual claims.

7.10 JCB (1995). The first fifty years 19451995.

7.10 Kinnear R (1999). Letter on 'the first 12 miles'.

7.11 Lancashire County Council. M6 in Lancashire - an illustrated brochure produced in the sixties.

7.11 Lawson K (1999). Construction plant for motorways.

7.12 Maggs M F and L J Cox (1984). Correspondence between on Engineer's estimates 1984.

7.13 Quinnion D W (1999). Contracting for motorways.

7.14 Quinnion D W (1999). Proposals by Tarmac Construction (now Carrilion Construction) to use reinforced earth.

7.15 Quinnion D W (1999). Proposals by Tarmac construction (now Carrilion Construction) to use precast diaphragm walls.

7.16 Quinnion D W (1978). The design and construction of roads.

7.17 Quinnion D W, E C Ireland and M P Donaldson (1975). Loads on falsework and the construction of the Greta Bridge.

7.18 Quinnion D W (1976). Earthworks cost - a contractor's viewpoint.

7.19 Stevens H J (1999). Contracting for motorway construction.

7.20 Thompson H J (1999). Some notes on experiences of survey and setting out.

7.21 TRL. LR814 An investigation of the extra costs arising on highway contracts (1983).


Chapter 8: Motorway communications and control by Derek Clark MIEE formerly Head of Traffic Communication and Control Division and Chief Electrical Engineer of the Department of Transport.

8.1 McCoubrey W J (2000). Belfast cross harbour road and rail links.

8.2 Mathews D H (2000). The development of traffic management for roadworks on motorways. Plus collection of roadworks photographs.

8.3 Mathews D H (1984). Traffic management for major roadworks on dual-carriageways. PTRC paper.

8.4 Mathews D H. Collection of lecture notes used in training for engineers engaged in traffic management at roadworks.

8.5 Poole P H (1999). The early history of the development of the motorway communications system in England and Wales.

8.6 Stannett A H (2000). Introduction to motorway control and communication systems.



S1 Papers contributed by P H Poole BSc CEng MIEE MIHE formerly Traffic Engineering Division of the Department of Transport.

S1.1 Hand N E, P M Hills and Chief Superintendent Wilson (1965). An evaluation of the effect on vehicle speeds of warning signs on Motorway 5.

S1.2 Duff J T (1968). Motorway surveillance and control. Traffic Engineering and Control.

S1.3 Duff J T (Undated). Motorways.

S1.4. Ministry of Transport (1969). Remotely controlled motorway signals on M4. Press Notice.

S1.5 Duff J T (1969). M4 motorway surveillance system.

S1.6 Walker E H (1971). Motorway signalling.

S1.7 Duff J T (1971). Accomplishments in freeway operation outside the United States. Highway Research Board 1971.

S1.8 Traffic Engineering Division (1971). Motorway communications and signals system.

S1.9 Pretty R L (1971). Secret signs for motorway control

S1.10 May A D (1971). The effectiveness of motorway control signals. Traffic Engineering and Control.

S1.11 Anon (1972).Midland links motorways - Police control and supervision.

S1.12. Walker E H (1971) Motorway communications.

S1.13. Poole P H (1972)Motorway communications. Electrical Supervisor.

S1.14. Duff J T and K W Huddart (1973). Lecture on Traffic control and surveillance on motorways. Electronics and Power with original input from K W Huddart.

S1.15 Huddart K W (1973). Traffic control and surveillance on motorways. Electronics and Power.

S1.16 Duff J T (1973). Lecture on traffic control and surveillance on motorways.

S1.17 Poole P H (1973). The motorway communications system.

S1.18 Hornby D G (1973). Towards safer motorways. Systems Technology.

S1.19 Poole P H (1973). Motorway communication system. Light and Lighting.

S1.20 Manktelow M and R J Salter (1973). Some characteristics of disabled vehicles on the Yorkshire motorway. Traffic Engineering and Control.

S1.21 Traffic Control and Communications Division (1973). Motorway communications specification.

S1.22 Traffic Control and Communications Division (1973). Motorway communications testing specification.

S1.23 Traffic Control and Communications Division (1974). Technical Memorandum H6/74 Design flows for motorways and all-purpose roads.

S1.24 Crips D M (1974). Motorway signalling in the United Kingdom.

S1.25 Poole P H (1974). Note to Chief Highway Engineer.

S1.26 Stannett A (1976). A system for automatically monitoring the stability of a remote hillside.

S1.27 Post Office Telecommunications (1980). Technical Guide No 26 Requirements for the electrical protection of Post Office maintained plant from privately supplied and maintained apparatus.

S1.28 Allen J, D R Greig, E H Walker and C P J Wood (Undated). Motorway surveillance and control.