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general archive information

 Eastern Region - General Archive Material 

The general archive is stored at the Northamptonshire CC Record Office.  Click to see details of this record office, then delete the popup window to return.  Its reference numbers is: MA/ER/G


Miscellaneous (General) Motorway documents

Motorway Archive/Eastern Region/General

1. Press Notice No 720, Minister of Transport on Progress with the Roads Programme, 13 October 1967, 9pp

2. Press Notice No E48/49, Trunk Road Programme in Eastern Region Trebled, Schemes Worth Over £1,800 million added, 18 May 1989, 7pp

3. Press Notice No E21/90, New Roads Programme Given Environmental Boost: Another New Scheme for Eastern Region, 20 February 1990, 4pp

4. Report, Primary Route Network Eastern Region: Review of Growth and Investment, Director (Transport) and County Surveyors Eastern Region, November 1983, 47 pp

5. Report, Primary Route Network Eastern Region: Review and Monitor, Director (Transport) and County Surveyors Eastern Region, October 1988, 45 pp

6. Report, Primary Route Network Eastern Region: Report of the Joint Standing Committee, Director (Network Management Division) and County Surveyors Eastern Region, 1993, 20 pp

7. Newsletter to Staff in Eastern Regional Office (Transport), Director (Transport), 3 August 1983, 4pp

8. Paper, Motorways - Procedure and Design, D I Evans to Lancashire County Engineering Society, 1968, 18pp

9. Book, A history of British motorways, George Charlesworth, Thomas Telford Limited, 1984, ISBN 0 7277 01592, 295 pp

10. Book, Motorways, James Drake, H L Yeadon and D I Evans, Faber and Faber, 1969, SBN 571 09006722, 210 pp

11. Report, East Anglia 1989-90, A Regional Commentary, Standing Conference of East Anglian Local Authorities, April 1990, 53 pp

12. Paper, Shallow Slips in Highway Embankments Constructed of Over-consolidated Clay, John Greenwood, David Holt and David Herrick, International Symposium on Earthwork Failures, Institution of Civil Engineers, March 1985, 14 pp

13. Paper, Transport Development in the Eastern Region, D I Evans, East Anglian Consultative Committee Regional Conference Opportunities for East Anglia, March 1986, 13 pp

14. Paper, Neither Fish Nor Fowl, Account of concern of professional Local Government officers seconded to HQ of Eastern Road Construction Unit, C D Lewis, September 1998, app

15. Papers and Minister of State's Speech, People Movement and Places, Joint Symposium of East Midlands and East Anglian Branches, Institution of Highways and Transportation, Robinson College, Cambridge, June 1987, l0pp

16. Joint Report, Strategic Regional Highway Network, County Surveyors, Eastern Region, July 1978, lOpp

17. Joint Report, Regional Motorway and Primary Highway Network, County Surveyors, Eastern Region, September 1980, lOpp

18. Joint Report, Regional Motorway and Primary Highway Network, County Surveyors, Eastern Region, October 1981, lOpp

19. Report, Traffic Monitoring in the Eastern Region, Department of Transport Statistics Bulletin (87) 31, February 1987, ISBN 1 85112 1110,52pp

20. Report, Passenger Transport in Great Britain 1970, Department of the Environment, HMSO, 1972, 40pp

21. Cutting, Transport is still an area of growth, Supplement to the East Anglian Daily Times, 13th March 1984, lp

22. Leaflet, Motorways a National Asset, with notice of serious delays 2nd - 16th July 1985 on MI near Junction 8, Hemel Hempstead for total reconstruction of northbound carriageway, 4 fold

23. Leaflet, Where that new road will run - Your rights explained, Department of the Environment, November 1971, 4pp

24. Booklet, Public Inquiries into Road Proposals - what you need to know, Department of Transport, Revised Edition, September 1990, 27pp

25. Loose-leaf Book, Highway Grant Code, Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, Revised 1956, 140pp

26. Loose-leaf Book, Trunk Roads Act 1936, Instructions, Ministry of Transport, March 1952, 105pp

27. Statutory document, Road Traffic Act 1960, HMSO, Reprinted 1968, 248pp

28. Statutory Instrument, The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 1975 Nol536, HMSO, 202p

29. Advisory Memorandum, Urban Traffic Engineering Techniques, Ministry of Transport/Scottish Development Department, HMSO, 1965, 50pp

30. Advisory Manual, Layout of Roads in Rural Areas, Ministry of Transport/Scottish Development Department/The Welsh Office, HMSO, 1968, 51pp

31. Booklet, Roads and Tourism, A British Road Federation Report published in association with the British Tourist Authority, 1969?, 16pp

32. Booklet, Road Note 29: a guide to the structural design of pavements for new roads, Third Edition, Department of the Environment, Road Research Laboratory, HMSO, 1970, 36pp

33. Roads in England 1971, Report by the Secretary of State for the Environment for the year ended 31st March 1971, HMSO, 77pp

34. Roads in England 1971-72, Report by the Secretary of State for the Environment for the year ended 31st March 1972, HMS0,92pp

35. Roads in England 1973-74, Report by the Secretary of State for the Environment for the year ended 31st March 1974, 56pp

36. Booklet, Roads and the Environment, Department of the Environment, HMSO, 24pp

37. Report, Regional Highway Traffic Model: Project Review, Alastair Dick and Associates, Department of Transport, September 1978, 382pp

38. Specification for Highway Works, Parts 1-7 inclusive (complete pack), Department of ransport, August 1986, ISBN 0 11 5507701, 8 volumes

39. Booklet, Trunk Road Proposals - A Comprehensive Framework for Appraisal, The Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment, HMSO, October 1979, 551pp

40. Booklets, 20 years of British motorways - an assessment of their impact, Programme A 3 fold and Papers B 83pp, 27-28 February 1980, The Institution of Civil Engineers

41. Booklet, Transport and the Environment, Department of Transport, Central Office of Information, 32pp, 1987

42. Roads for the Future Volume 1, First Report of the House of Commons Transport Committee, Session 1989-90, Reports and Minutes of Proceedings 1st February 1990, HMSO, ISBN 0 10 219890 X, 59pp

43. Booklet, New Roads by New Means--Bringing in Private Finance--a Consultation Paper, HMSO, Cm 698, ISBN 0 10 106982 0, May 1989, 13pp

44. Booklet, Private Finance Road Schemes, Information on Proposed Options, Department of Transport, June 1990, 20pp

45. Booklet, Trunk Roads,England, Into the 1990's, Department of Transport, HMSO, ISBN 0 11 550952 6, February 1990, 77pp

46. Booklet, Trunk Roads in England, 1994 Review, Department of Transport, HMSO, ISBN 0 11 551257 8, March 1994, 77pp

47. Booklet, Highways Agency, Business Plan 1996 - 97, 66pp

48. Booklet, Highways Agency, Business Plan 1997 - 98, 39pp

49. Booklet, Highways Agency, Business Plan 1998 - 99, 24pp

50. Booklet, Highways Agency, Business Plan 1999 - 2000, 38pp

51. Leaflet, Trunk Road Planning and the Public, The Procedures Outlined, Department of Transport, January 1990, 8pp

52. Folder, All-Party French Roads Study Group Visit to M25, British Road Federation and Association Technique de la Route (ATR), English Briefing Notes, 7pp and record of visit in Revue Générale des Routes et des Autoroutes, pp 55 to 62, Mars 1985

53. Book, The Eddie Stobart Story, Hunter Davies, Harpur Collins Entertainment, ISBN 0 00 7115970, 2001, 282pp, (Motorways Cometh pp 75 to 79 and Daventry, pp 146 to 150)

54. Paper, The Motorway Archive - The Search for Structural Serenity, D I Evans, International Group for Bridge and Structural Engineering, British Group, Henderson Colloquium, Learning from Engineering History, St John's College Cambridge, 13 and 14 July 1999, lOpp plus 20 illustrations

55. The Financial Times Civil Engineering Supplement, 1 Sound Outlook Despite the Squeeze, D M Balfour, 4 Roads for the Seventies: A Massive Construction Task, W G Harris, 5 Road Construction: Concrete Paving, A Edward Burks, 'Black Top' Methods, L G Watkins, 8 Structural Steelwork: Economies from New Methods, G B Godfrey, 9 Modern Trends in Bridges, H Shirley Smith, 10 Expansion in Plant Industry, J D C Allen, 11 Wider Scope of Rubber, D F Aitken, 15 The 'Back Room' Role of the Industry's EDC, F A Bishop, 14 November 1966, 8pp

56. Photographs of 1: Motorway Archive Eastern Region Co ordinating Team, 2: Eastern Region County Surveyors and Director (Transport) - inspection of Orwell Bridge on A14 Ipswich Bypass, 3: First meeting of Motorway Archive Trust