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The East Coast Motorway Feasibility Study


In post 1992 Europe, Eastern England is Britain's land of development opportunity. It is full of locations that need and could accommodate employment, creating development which would be welcomed by many of the local authorities. But without better communications that opportunity cannot be fully exploited.

This report demonstrates that an Fast Coast Route running from the Newmarket Bypass through the Fete, Lincolnshire and Humberside acid then across North Yore and Cleveland will lead to development which might not otherwise occur 1t will enable the East Coast region and its hinterland to achieve its potential and respond more effectively to the European challenge.

The report has been commissioned by a consortium of local authorities, private sector companies, and the Commission of the European Communities. It shows that an East Coast Route is eminently feasible; can be constructed economically by incorporating and adapting some existing roads and planned improvements; and can be located so as to minimise environmental damage.

At some £950m, a publicly funded East Coast Route some 230 miles long would be justified by Government economic criteria. Alternatively, it could be built in modified form as a toll road; this would be a feasible alternative if a public sector contribution was made in recognition of the route's economic benefits.