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Some Interesting Bridges in the South East

Lyne railway bridgeThe 4-level interchange between M23 and M25 was described earlier. There was one other similar interchange between M25 and M4 near Heathrow and interestingly this also was the subject of an alternative design by the contractor. From memory the financial inducement to the Department was of the order of £0.25m and could not easily be refused. Unfortunately the cost of checking the alternative design was borne by DTp and wiped out any potential saving.

British Rail designed an interesting bridge to carry the railway over M25 at Lyne in Surrey.  It is interesting because it is one of very few cable-stayed bridges carrying railway, but its appearance has provoked a lot of criticism.

Although not really a motorway bridge the Queen Elizabeth bridge at Dartford was interesting as a Design, Build, Finance & Operate project. Groups were invited to submit proposals for a crossing which Runnymede bridgecould be a bridge or a tunnel, either bored or immersed tube, along with their proposals for finance. The Department evaluated them as both privately or publicly financed. The chosen solution was a privately financed bridge which will revert to the Government after 20 years or when the agreed costs (construction plus cost of finance) have been recovered through tolls, whichever is the sooner.

M25 crosses the Thames at Runnymede where it was necessary to build a new bridge to carry the widened motorway alongside the original brick-clad arch designed by Lutyens. It was complicated because the ground conditions effectively made it impossible to introduce another similar arch. The consultant, Ove Arup & Partners produced an excellent solution consisting of two balanced cantilever frames which, although a completely different design concept, matched the shape of the original and complemented it well.