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General Archive Information


Wales - General  Archive Material



The archive for the Welsh documents is stored at the Glamorgan Record Office.  Click to see details of this record office, then delete the popover page to return.

The reference numbers for the "General" and "Roads Programme" sections are MAW/G and MAW/RP.


MAW/G General Papers

Box 1 —     File ‘Motorway Archive Wales — Correspondence 1997 to 2003’

                   File ‘Motorway Archive Wales — Correspondence 2003 to 2008 (DM)’

File ‘Motorway Archive (Wales) Correspondence 2003 to 2008’

File ‘Motorway Archive (Wales) — Minutes of Regional Committee Meetings’

File ‘Motorway Archive Trust — Minutes of Meetings 2003 to 2008’

Box 2 —     Book ‘The Motorway Achievement:: Building the Network in Wales’ published 2010

Publication press reaction (Western Mail, South Wales Echo, SW Evening Post)

File containing background documents

Draft 2002

Draft 2005

Draft 2008 (February)

Draft 2008 (August)

First Proof Copy 2009 (November)

Final Proof Copy 2009 (December)

Box 3 —     Papers giving details of The Motorway Archive and The Motorway Archive Trust

Maps:     Wales — General Reference

Wales — Motorways and Trunk Roads Primary Routes and Destinations

Wales — Areas of Conservation and Natural Beauty

Wales — Average Rainfall

2003 Paper ‘What has to be integrated for integration to amount to a transportation policy’

2003 Paper headed ‘A New Inter-Urban Highway Programme?’ by Prof. R. J. Bridle

2005 Paper headed ‘Introduction’ by Professor R. J. Bridle

2006 Paper headed ‘Widening and the Future’ by Professor R. J. Bridle

2008 Paper headed ‘Introduction’ by H. J. Stevens

2008 Paper headed ‘Concluding Commentary’ by B. H. Hawker

Chapter 8 — Highways Procedures and Organisation

List of Statutory Instruments

History and Functions of the Ministry of Transport (September 1939)

Memorandum on the Lay-out and Construction of Roads (I943)

Report ‘Road Needs of South Wales’ (1961)

Report ‘The Organisation of Civil Engineering Work’ (Institution of Civil Engineers 1961)

Trunk Road Instructions (Ministry of Transport 1963)

Specification for Road and Bridge Works (Ministry of Transport 1963)

Notes on Specification for Roads and Bridge Works (Ministry of Transport 1963)

White Paper ‘Wales: The Way Ahead’ (1967)

Wales: The Way Ahead (1967) General Reference Map.

Conference Report on ‘Wales: The Way Ahead’ (Town Planning Institute 1967)

Schedules of Dayworks (Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors 1968)

General Conditions of Contract and Forms of Tender (ICEIACE/FCEC 1955/1970)

General Conditions of Contract and Forms of Tender (ICE/ACE/FCEC 1973)

Booklet ‘Price Adjustment formulae for civil engineering contracts’ (1973)

Report ‘Roads in Wales’ (Welsh Council 1974)

Booklet ‘Traffic warning signs for roadworks’ (Department of Transport 1976)

Paper ‘Evolution of a Typical Trunk Road Scheme’ (Department of Transport 1978)

Guide to Regional Industrial Policy Changes (Department of Industry 1980)

COBA — Getting the Best Roads for our Money (Department of Transport 1981)

Public Inquiries — Guidance Notes for Inspectors (1981)

Report ‘Communications, Infrastructure and Redevelopment in Wales (WCEIA 1984)

Environmental Assessment — EC Directive 85/337/EEC (1985)

Circular 23/88 Environmental Assessment (DoE/Welsh Office 1988)

Circular 38/89 Landfill Sites: Development Control (DoE/Welsh Office 1989)

Booklet ‘Land Compensation — Your Rights Explained’ (DoE/Welsh Office 1991)

Guide ‘Use of Welsh in the Welsh Office’ (1991)

Access to Environmental Information —Your Rights Explained (Welsh Office 1993)

Sheets (6) giving bullet points on Environmental Practice

Extract Cm 2515 Report ‘Transport and Roads’ (Welsh Office 1994)

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) ‘Private Opportunity, Public Benefit’ (HM Treasury 1995)

Transport Policy Statement ‘Transporting Wales into the Future’ (Welsh Office 1998)

‘Driving Wales Forward’ a strategic review of the Welsh Trunk Roads Programme (1998)

‘Keeping Wales Moving’ making better use of the Existing Network (Welsh Office 1998)

‘The Transport Legacy in Wales’ final report to the National Assembly for Wales (1999)


MAW/RP/H Roads Programme — Historical Background

Chapter 2 of ‘The Motorway Achievement: Building the Network in Wales' (in Library)

2008 Paper headed ‘Chapter 2.1 Historical Background.

2005 Paper headed ‘Chapter 1 Background and History’

2005 Paper headed ‘Chapter 3 The Role of the County Councils’

Wales’ (in Library)


MAW/RPIS Roads Programme — Development of the Strategy

Chapter 2 of ‘The Motorway Achievement: Building the Network in Wales (in Library)

2008 Paper sub-headed ‘2.2 Development of the Strategy’.

1985 Map ‘Wales Road Programme’.

Roads Programme Annual Reports:    Cymru : Wales 1967

Cymru : Wales 1968

Cymru : Wales 1969

Cymru : Wales 1970

Cymru : Wales 1971

Cymru:  Wales 1972

Cymru : Wales 1973

Roads in Wales 1974

Roads in Wales 1976

Roads in Wales 1976

Roads in Wales 1980

Roads in Wales 1983

Roads in Wales 1985

1986 Consultation Paper Roads for Wales

Roads in Wales — Progress and Plans for the 1990’s

Roads in Wales — 1991 Supplement

Roads in Wales — 1992 Supplement

Roads in Wales — 1993 Supplement

Roads in Wales — 1994 Revtew

1994 Map ‘Wales — Motorways and Trunk Roads’.

1994 Map ‘Major Trunk Road Improvements’.

1995 Map ‘Major Trunk Road Improvements’.

1996 Map ‘Major Trunk Road Improvements’.

1997 Consultation Paper ‘A Strategic Review of the Welsh Trunk Roads Programme’.

Map ‘Traffic Volumes 1965’

Map ‘Traffic Volumes 1972’

Map ‘Annual Average Daily Flow of all Motor Vehicles 1984’.

South Wales Map ‘Annual Average Daily Flow of Heavy Goods Vehicles (1984)’.

2001 Map ‘Traffic Flows’

Map ‘Traffic Flows 2005’.

Paper sub-headed ‘Motorways in South Wales’.

Extract 1998 Paper ‘Roads Programme’.

1988 Paper ‘Roads in South Wales’ by D. A. R. Hall.

Photograph of Welsh Office Directors of Highways 1971 to 1999.

Flow Chart ‘Major Trunk Road Schemes Route Development’.

Flow Chart ‘Environmental Assessment’.


MAW/RP/D Roads Programme — Implementation and Delivery

Chapter 2 of ‘The Motorway Achievement: Building the Network in Wales (in Library)

Copy of Chapter 2.3 — Implementation and Delivery

M4/M48 Scheme completions — Lists (2 sheets) giving dates, agents and contractors.

M4/M48 Plan dated 1998 showing schemes, lengths, costs, completion dates and agents.

Paper ‘Financial Control — Site Procedures and Records’ (Dept. of Transport January 1977)

Guidance Note on Institution of Civil Engineers ‘New Style Cnntr

Paper on ‘Functions of the Engineer and Resident Engineer’.

Conditions of Contract Fifth Edition dated January 1979.

Paper ‘Changes in the Role of the Engineer in DTp Contracts for Road Construction’.

Notes for Guidance ‘Contractual Claims’.

Paper ‘A Contractor’s Idle thoughts on working in Wales and what might have been’.

Welsh Office Press Release 12 December 1994 on completion of M4 motorway.


MAW!RP/A Roads Programme — Management of the Asset

Chapter 2 of ‘The Motorway Achievement: Building the Network in Wales’ (in Library)

Paper headed ‘2.4 Management of the Asset’.

Sheet giving contact list for Chapter 2.4.

Sheet giving subject list and headed ‘Management of the Asset.

Paper ‘The changing face of network management — a national perspective’ (Robert Cone)

Wales — Motorways and Trunk Roads — Map showing life based on traffic flows 1990

Maintenance of M4 Motorway South Wales - Residual Life Map 1996 Residual Life Map 1998

Residual Life Map 1999

M4 Motorway Major Maintenance and Construction — Map showing Programme 1993-1998 Map showing Programme 1994-1999

Map showing Programme 1995-2000

Map showing ‘Wales — Pre 1996 Authorities’ dated November 2006.

1998 Map showing Motorway /Trunk Road Responsibilities in South Wales.

CD disc and photograph of Traffic Management Centre Cardiff

Brochure folder containing details of Traffic Management and Mantais Cymru (1998)