Chapter 3. The Rt Hon. The Lord Watkinson of Woking PC, CH

Volume 1 Part 1
Brief résumé of Chapter 3:
The Rt Hon. The Lord Watkinson of Woking PC, CH

Sir Alexander Durie CBE
formerly Director General, Automobile Association

This chapter contains a biographical note written on a basis of personal friendship about the decisive contribution to instituting the British motorway system which was made by the Minister responsible for the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation in 1955 who subsequently was granted a life peerage as the Rt Hon. The Lord Watkinson of Woking. The style of his tenure of office was that of a leading figure in British industry and commerce rather than in politics. His record is of unique, disinterested practical accomplishment directed while he was in charge of the Ministry particularly to his personal vision of the population’s economic and social opportunities afforded by the potentiality of the internal combustion engine, but accompanied by equal concern to sustain the economic and social contributions which the railways should be able to make. The speech which follows it gives another measure of this individual's vision of the emerging system just before the M1 was opened.